Best Printer under 3000 Rupees in India

You can find many printers in the market available at different prices, but finding the Best printer is a challenge. There are so many printers and so many features. It’s a jungle out there! The online world is overwhelming, with tons of options, technologies, brands, and price points. For most of us, it’s a total minefield – we don’t know what we should buy and for how much.

That is why we are here to help you with our reviews and research were done on the best printer under 3000. We hope this article helps you by taking an informed decision. Let us do the heavy lifting. Our best recommendations for the best printers so you can choose exactly what you need without the extra cost.

After doing the research and testing several printers ourselves, we will give you an answer what’s the best printer for home use Or you can say, which is the best printer that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! Choose from the three options below, read reviews by our editor team and customers who have purchased them already, and then buy with confidence online or over the phone.

1. Everycom EC-58 58mm (2 Inches) Direct Thermal Printer USB

Best printer under 3000


Our Everycom EC-58 58mm (2 Inches) Direct Thermal Printer USB – Monochrome Desktop (1 Year Warranty) delivers good value. It doesn’t break the bank, but it’s also not an inexpensive piece of equipment. The features are very simple and straightforward, but the capabilities of this printer should meet most home or small office needs.

It’s a great pick if you want decent functionality without getting too complicated or expensive. The Everycom EC-58 58mm (2 Inches) Direct Thermal Printer USB – Monochrome Desktop has a print resolution of 80 x 80 dpi, an interface USB port, and provides it with every essential feature for ensuring trouble-free printing.

The Everycom EC-58 58mm (2 Inches) Direct Thermal Printer USB – Monochrome Desktop makes the best printer under 3000 and is designed to print high-quality text, bar codes, and receipts. This is a high-quality thermal printer that offers an easy and smart way to add a sleek and smart identity card and label printing solution to your business.

This compact printer has a built-in roll paper holder for cash register receipt and ticket printing. Everycom EC-58 is a Direct Thermal Printer, desktop which is very easy to work with and uses thermal paper rolls to produce high-resolution prints offering crisp black texts. It has automatic paper sensing which enables the printer to auto feed the paper from the roll.

It requires only 58mm of thermal roll paper as compared to any other printer in the market under 3k. It is easy to operate with its self-explanatory LCD menu. The EC-58 thermal receipt printer by Everycom is the ideal printing solution for all your needs. This compact and lightweight desktop printer has a built-in USB interface that can be easily accessed from your PC, has fast print speeds at 80mm per second, and is powered by an AC adapter also provided in the box.

The spool capacity of this device allows it to store more than 1000 feet of receipt paper. It has an LCD display screen with four buttons for scroll up or down, menu or cancel.

2. HOIN 58mm Bluetooth + USB Thermal Printer

HOIN Bluetooth + USB Thermal Printer


The new HOIN 58MM Thermal printer is specially designed for business applications and POS systems. It can print 58mm width thermal paper with ultra-high-speed. Printing speed is up to 300mm/sec and it supports USB and Bluetooth connection with Windows XP or above operating system, Android and iOS devices.

The product is a Thermal Printer used for point of sale application, receipt, billing and invoice printing, and Data transfer with an RS232/USB interface. The Hoin printer has a 58mm thermal printing paper and IEEE1284 interface type supporting 2 modes. With a 58mm thermal printer, HOIN Thermal Printer is an easy-to-use and cost-effective thermal printer.

You can print various kinds of 2D barcodes and QR codes directly. It’s a good choice for printing a small amount of text/images in local places conveniently, such as mobile shops, kiosks, or office without any network environment. HOIN mini printer is designed to print labels, out of the box. Easily print label codes and product info in bulk.

With one-touch wireless Bluetooth pairing, the HOIN thermal printer allows you to print easily from your Android or iOS enabled mobile device. The receipt printer is designed for easy & handheld use. Its innovative pickup mechanism allows seamless paper feeding without damaging the ribbon or the print head.

It also consists of a USB cable, power adapter, and set of cleaning accessories for the best user experience. HOIN 58mm thermal printer is best in class product for home and business use. After below or over 2000 rupee printers you would be at a loss because every other brand like (Brother, Canon, Epson, HP), gives you two years warranty but not support after that.

With a brushed metal casing, an ergonomic design, and a large LCD display, the HOIN Thermal Printer gives a smooth user experience. This thermal printer can be used via Bluetooth wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It supports iOS7/8, Android v5.0+, Windows XP, and above.

3. HOIN BIS Certified 58mm Bluetooth + USB Thermal Receipt Printer

USB Thermal Receipt Printer


HOIN BIS certified 58mm Bluetooth + USB thermal receipt printer is small enough to easily install in limited space and portable for carrying. It features printing speed up to 60mm/sec, battery life of up to 14 hours, a user-friendly interface, and superior printing quality. Brand new high-quality product with 1-year manufacture’s warranty.

If you are on the hunt for a good-value thermal printer that combines USB & Bluetooth technologies, the OPHEWIBOY 58MM receipt printer will surprise you with its professional features and outstanding performance! This is the new generation of Thermal printing.

It combines the advantages of the traditional printers, such as simplicity and efficiency, and the advantages of modern mobile devices: printer, copier, scanner and also supports to print via Bluetooth from your Android/IVIOS mobile phones or tablet PCs. This is a fully-functional, small, and compact Bluetooth/USB printer for printing receipts.

It’s a very reliable, user-friendly device that has the ability to print 58mm width thermal paper at the speed of 300 mm/sec. with a high resolution of 203 dpi. Compatible with any software application that uses an Epson emulation driver like Open Office. The HOIN BIS 58mm Bluetooth and USB Thermal Receipt Printer is a heavy-duty thermal printer with amazing features.

The basic version supports bluetooth 4.0 while the advanced version supports Ethernet option as well. This is an ideal choice for merchants who want to add a fast, simple-to-use printer to their POS system without breaking the bank. Use it with Square software for your iPad and other mobile devices, or connect it to any POS system via USB.

4. Original HOIN BIS Certified Kiosk Receipt/POS Bill Printing Support 58mm Heavy Duty Thermal Printer.

Bill Printing Support Heavy Duty Thermal Printer


HOIN BIS Certified Kiosk Receipt/POS Bill Printing Support 58mm Heavy Duty Thermal Printer, is a high specification effective printer that becomes the genuine alternative to the costly brand names. The printer incorporates top-quality features such as paper width ranging from 58-80mm, Excellent printing speed for both text and graphics (25mm/sec), and connectivity options including USB, Serial and TTL.

This is the ideal solution for retail shops and restaurants with limited counter space. The POS Printer comes installed with a printer control panel and a standard 58mm paper roll with an auto-cutter for quick, easy loading and unloading. The HO-IN BIS Certified Kiosk Printers are supported on 58mm thermal paper rolls in 80mm, 58mm width.

The Hoin Printmaster 58mm Automatic Cash / POS thermal printer is a brand new, cost-effective 58 mm paper receipt and ticket solution for a wide variety of commercial applications. A breakthrough in thermal printer technology, the Printmaster 58 boasts improved thermal printing speed without sacrificing print quality or accuracy.

The device is highly versatile and supports various inputs ( such as cash drawer / till and key input) as well as various outputs (such as 58 mm tickets, Wide Tickets Leader -labels, or Pin Style Receipts- labels). The Printmaster 58 incorporates a user-friendly menu that provides for easy parameter setting.

It is a high-speed thermal printer with bill support up to 58mm, very useful in a busy working environment where fast processing of customer requirements is needed. It is a sturdy and compact printer that can be used in a variety of applications. This is used to print all kinds of documents and receipts such as gift cards, membership cards, coupons, and barcodes.

5. Xprinter Heavy Duty Kiosk support 58 mm Direct Thermal Printer. USB Interface

Xprinter Heavy Duty Kiosk support Direct Thermal Printer


The Xprinter Heavy Duty Kiosk supports a 58 mm direct thermal printer. It works seamlessly with different devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones with its USB interface. The rubber pads on its four corners allow you to attach them easily to a table or wall. It can also be used as an indoor cash register in shops and cafes.

This Thermal Printer is a quick and easy way to print tickets, receipts, and other documents. It can be used in shops, at ticket booths, or anywhere there’s a need for reliable, fast printing. The Xprinter Heavy Duty Kiosk support 58 mm Direct Thermal Printer is ideal for retail, banking, finance, and transportation industries.

This 58mm direct thermal printer provides crisp text and images and supports a speed of up to 300 mm / sec. This printer operates silently without disturbing your working environment and offers an adjustable paper clamp. In addition, this sleek printer provides a platen glass printing surface along with an auto-sleep function for power saving.

It automatically goes into sleep mode after 3min of no printing and resumes printing the moment it is called out by the system. This Thermal Printer is ideal for retail, Restaurant & Point of Sale applications. It allows users to print a variety of different information on tickets, receipts, or labels using various media types such as Thermal Paper, Receipt Paper or label rolls.

Its compact, space-saving design makes it perfect for use in offices, small and medium shops, and restaurants. The simple USB interface makes for easy integration with the cash register.

6. HOIN 58mm Heavy Duty USB Thermal Printer. New Model

Heavy Duty USB Thermal Printer


HOIN 58mm professional thermal printer USB interface, which prints 58mm diameter labels. The printing speed is 4 ips ( 80mm/s), and it adopts an imported ceramic thermal head with good durability to replace the expensive thermal paper, so the printing label prices are lower than $3 USD per roll.

The HOIN thermal label printer is a new generation of computer peripheral products, which will promote your family business to reach hundreds of customers at home and abroad, even in rural areas. HOIN 58mm Thermal Printer offers high-quality printing of a variety of barcode types and labels.

Its automatic sleep mode and auto power on feature reduce the power consumption, ensuring energy-saving operation. You can connect the printer to any device with a USB interface for transmitting and receiving data. The printer is designed with an energy-efficient fan and cool touch design to enable uninterrupted printing.

HOIN 58mm Thermal Printer is a high speed, high precision PRINTER, with a large LCD screen that gives you full control over your printing. A unique feature is the 58mm print head which allows you to print on all commonly used thermal printer labels .

HOIN 58mm Heavy Duty USB Thermal Printer is a double-sided thermal receipt printer, comes up with a standard interface and offers Bluetooth and USB connectivity. It can print out 80mm wide paper, which could support 9 different kinds of barcodes.

Built with a universal power supply input of 100~240V AC, it can be used in different regions. So HOIN thermal receipt printer would be your amazing choice if you are looking for a printer under 3000 rupee.

7. ATPOS 58mm 2 Inch USB ESC/POS Thermal Receipt Printer

ATPOS USB ESC/POS Thermal Receipt Printer


ATPOS 58mm 2-inch USB ESC/POS thermal receipt printer for KIOSK CSP banking SBI is sold on online stores in India at Rs.2,999/-. This best thermal printer can print both sides of the black and white invoices at speed of 90mm / second with a line length of 50mm.

The ATPOS 58mm 2 Inch USB ESC/POS Thermal Receipt Printer is an energy-saving and easy to maintain Thermal printer offering you high-quality receipts, multiple interfaces, and certified receipt software. It is specifically designed for ATMs, Bank kiosks, Gas Station Kiosks, Hospitality POS devices, Retail Store POS devices, and so on.

ATPOS 58mm 2” USB ESC/POS Thermal Receipt Printer is a compact thermal receipt printer with a metal casing and a small form factor. This model print 203 dpi resolution, 1440 dpi character matrix, Built-in Decryption, and Encryption Function, Facing Up Type Paper Chute(250mm width), come with removable cotton swab thermal roll paper (1 roll), battery(AAX10), box to protect your printer from damage and reduce the noise.

This model also supports Single-line English / Chinese Printing. The Best printer under 3000 is an Android thermal receipt printer designed for KIOSK applications in the banking and retail industry. The printer is USB-powered, It prints 80mm/89mm width thermal printer paper. Readable distance is up to 80cm, and the printing speed is up to 300mm/sec.

Best wireless Fast 2-inch thermal printer with ESC/POS and auto-cutter for multiple applications like POS, Hotel Management, Kitchen Management, In-Store Kiosk, and Banking. 24V/ 5V power supply with Auto sleep and auto wake-up function.

This ruggedly built thermal printer supports ESC/POS command set for easy to use with most of the POS/Kiosk hardware platform in the market operating under WIN 2000/ XP/WIN7 32/WIN7 64, WIN CE (Any other Linux device via USB) Access Management System with access control lists for managing user accounts and device access rights.

8. HOIN 58mm BIS Certfied USB Thermal Printer.

BIS Certfied USB Thermal Printer


The HOIN 58mm BIS Certified USB Thermal Printer is an all-in-one printer that can print without any wire and available in India for under 3,000 rs. The major feature of this printer is that it doesn’t require any USB wire, Bluetooth, or Wifi. It is portable and can be connected with Computer, mobile phone, pads using Bluetooth.

This thermal paper printer supports multiple languages to use for printing documents, receipts, bills,s, etc. It is a very good printer on a low budget with very little error while running. It has a sturdy desktop design and the quick-heat thermal paper offers consistent high-quality performance. It’s simple to use out of the box.

Simply connect it via USB or Bluetooth to your PC, laptop, or smartphone and print your work with ease. The Best printer under 3000 is equipped with a HOIN 58mm thermal Printer and delivers high-quality prints with excellent resolution. It has a gold plated contact with over-current protection for high precision printing.

The USB bi directional support makes it simple to setup. This is perfectly suitable for any home or office. With high printing quality, this printer gives out a print of almost 100ft and has 0.3 plus an increment of 0.1 mm printing resolution. Make your daily printing experience fun, quick, and easy with the HOIN 58mm BIS Certified thermal printer.

The USB connection makes this the perfect printer for use with any computer, and you can print receipts or labels quickly thanks to its auto-cutter and fast print speed (83mm). Easy to use and with a robust design that’s ideal for retail sales environments, it’s hard to find a printer better than this one for under 3,000 INR.

9. JT Xprinter 58 mm Mobile Thermal Printer Bluetooth and USB Interface

Thermal Printer Bluetooth and USB Interface


JT xprinter 58mm mobile thermal printer is a high-speed mobile printer that is convenient for office use and public places. It features Bluetooth and USB interfaces, providing smart-phone users with wireless printing capability. Besides, it can support Chinese and English characters. You can print anything without a computer.

With easy operation and lightweight, this printer will bring you great convenience in work or life. This Thermal Printer is small, light and portable, easy to operate and utilize. It has a long-lasting battery life of up to 6 hours doubles the working time of other printers available in the market.

The powerful data transfer function makes it easy to transfer photos, documents, and videos from your mobile device to your computer/ laptop via Bluetooth or Micro-USB cable. The advanced Bluetooth technology will let you share your data with those around you without wires. It’s compact, lightweight, and can be taken with you anywhere.

A slew of useful features makes it easy to print out receipts, labels, and more, while its rechargeable battery ensures that you’re never running out of juice. The JT X-PRINTER is great for any business looking for a low-cost mobile solution to their printing needs!

Thermal Printer Bluetooth and USB Interface is the best mobile thermal printer with Bluetooth and USB interface, 0.25 mm printing width, max print speed:30mm/s, max printing size:62mm x62mm, low power consumption, external battery support, mini size suitable for portable use. It connects with various devices such as Mobiles, tablets, and laptops through the Bluetooth & USB interface.

It can print on 4″X6″ labels, 90mm roll, 25 & 50 mm width labels. It can also print on paper. A battery of 280 mAh powers it for up to 6 hours of usage time.

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